Instructions for Checkers: The Thai Variant and How to Play It

With its universal appeal mainly due to its simplistic game play and mechanics, it is hardly surprising that checkers has become the world phenomenon that it is now. This is especially emphasized when one realizes that checkers, a seemingly western creation, has brought upon variants that sprung up from places that are everything but western such as Thailand.

However exotic one might think regarding Thailand, the variant that was brought into being there does not resemble any connotation that many would have regarding the country. In fact, the Thai variant of the game does not have any features that will cause it to be labeled exotic and out of the ordinary. Apart from the distinctive features that are required for it to be set it apart from other variations of the game, Thai checkers is just you ordinary checker variant that offers another unique way of playing and enjoying the board game phenomenon that is checkers.

Like the majority of popular board game's variants, Thai checkers is played on an eight by eight game board with alternate colors exactly like the ones on the game board of the game's other variations. The same can not be said however with number of the pieces involved in the game. Contrary to the twelve pieces per player common to most of checker's variants, the Thai variant only employs eight pieces per player thereby making the board much spacious for the movement of one's 'men'.

The movement and capture of pieces in the Thai variant are very much like that of others. Movements are done diagonally in the forward direction except when the piece is a 'crowned' one, or a piece that has been promoted after reaching the far side of the board. In that case, the piece will then have the additional capability to move backwards. Apart from the aforementioned rules regarding the promoted piece, Thai checkers also has special rules for 'crowned' pieces that are unique to it.

Foremost of these distinctive rules is concerning the jumping ability of the king. Like in most of the other variants, promoted pieces in Thai checkers can move and capture over long distances though they have to land to square immediately next to the piece that they have captured.

Thai checkers may initially seem to be an exotic offshoot of the tremendously popular board game, particularly if one has not heard of the variant before, but such preconceptions are dispelled once one has actually experienced the game play of the variant which is very much alike all the other strains of checkers that has spread out all around the globe.

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