Instructions for Checkers: The French Variant's Rules and Mechanics

With all of the variants that checkers has, it is easy for one to be confused when choosing which of them one has to play. All of them are very much unique in their own way that one has to know the distinctive features of each and every one of them so as to assess which variant will be perfect for them.

There are variants that will cater to those who only want to play good, old checkers with none of those deviating characteristics such as the International or American variant while variants such as Spanish and German may gratify those who want a little bit of deviation from the usual way of playing the board game.

On the other hand, there are those who intend to play the game in an entirely new light and it is for such people that checkers variations such as the French variant are made. This is because the French version of checkers has some nonstandard mechanics which makes it perfect for those who want to experience a brand new spin on their favorite board game.

Being a checkers game nonetheless, French checkers still has the requisite features needed for one to be categorized as variant of the popular board game. Like most of the other types of checkers, the variant is played by two players on a ten by ten game board that has two alternating colors. Game pieces referred to as 'men' are also under the command of the players to use for realizing the game's objective of capturing all of the other side's pieces or rendering them incapable of moving on the game board. These 'men' are also capable in the variant to be promoted once they reach the far side of the board.

The parallels end there though as the main game mechanics of French checkers are very much different from what is played in most variations of the board game. First of such breaks with the conventions concerns the game pieces' capturing. Unlike in other incarnations of the game where pieces are obligated capture or 'jump' forward over other pieces whenever they are capable of, game pieces in the French variant are incapable of doing so. What they are forced to do instead is capturing or jumping in the backwards direction whenever possible thereby making the goal of being promoting one's pieces a trickier task. If somehow one manages to pull off a promotion for one of one's game pieces then that piece will be capable of capturing in both directions.

Learning the game mechanics of French checkers is certain to provide one a fresh take on the board game with its novel mechanics that simply turn the game play of mainstream checkers upside-down.

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