How to Play the International Variant - The features of international checkers make it a unique variant among all of the members of the checkers family of games.

How to Play the Straight Variant - Straight checkers' deficiency of distinct mechanics can be seen as one its strongest suit as it can offer the best introductory variant for beginners.

Setting Up the Board - Knowing the right way of setting up the checkers board is vital for one to enjoy and play the game the right and easy way.

The Basic Rules - Rules are vital in checkers as they ensure that the game is played the way that it should be and that its players will all get along harmoniously.

The French Variant's Rules and Mechanics - With such peculiar features, French checkers surely is the variant to play for those who seek an alternate approach for their popular board game.

The Fundamentals - The fundamentals of checkers are vital for introducing one to the game's essentials and enabling one to further one's insight for the game.

The Giveaway Variant - Giveaway checkers is the variant to play if one is looking for a variant that would blow all of one's expectations of a checkers game.

The Spanish Variant - Spanish checkers is the way to go for those who want a variant that has its own quirks and yet still stay faithful to the main concepts of checkers.

The Thai Variant and How to Play It - Thai checkers may seem to be an exotic take on checkers but it is actually like all the other variants that offer a fresh way of enjoying the game.

The Turkish Variation and How It's Played - Turkish checkers are the way to go for one who is seeking a brand new experience as far as playing checkers is concerned.

The Winning Tactics For The Game - Learning the important tactics in checkers is essential especially for those who want to be definitely better players of the popular board game.

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