Instructions for Checkers: The Spanish Variant

With the great number of checkers variants that one can choose from, it is very much easy to be baffled when deciding which variation one would play particularly if one is new to the popular board game. This is because each and every one of the game's variants has their own distinctive characteristics, which are essential to take into account if one is to choose a checkers variant that is perfect for one's idiosyncrasies as far as playing the board game is concerned.

There are those that are into variants that have rules that deviate from the game's main rules while there are those that stay close and tweak only a small number of conventions just to add some flavor to the popular board game's original concepts. If one is just starting out with the game, it is then best to go for the variants that can be categorized under the latter category as they are perfect for introducing the primary concepts of checkers to new players without confusing them with the deviant rules that stray away from the fundamentals of checkers which are commonplace in some variants of the game.

One such variant best for commencing one's experience with checkers is the Spanish variant of the board game. The Spanish variant has everything that a player new to the game expects from a checkers games.

Like all of the other variations, Spanish checkers is played by two players on a board game with the use of game pieces called 'men'. The game board used is also identical with all of the others used in other variants as they are also have two alternating colors painted on them. As with most checkers variant, the objective in this Spanish incarnation of the game is to use one's 'men' to capture all of the other side's game pieces or put them in a position that they will be incapable of making a move. Pieces are also promoted for reaching the far side of the board like in most variations of the game.

Although it stays close to game's essential features, Spanish checkers has its own peculiarities which are to be expected as it is a variant of the popular board game.

Most of the Spanish variant's particularity concerns the king, which is considerably more powerful in this breed of the board game than in others. This is because apart from the usual abilities crowned pieces receive such as the capacity to move and capture in any direction, the king in the Spanish variant has far more capabilities than its brethren in other incarnations of the game as it can move along any number of squares in a diagonal fashion in any direction. The king in the Spanish variant also has the ability to do long 'jumps' or capture any number of pieces that may or may not be immediately next to the king's position provided that pieces has empty spaces between each and every one of them and that the king can land on an empty space after all of the capturing has been done.

Though not without its own quirks, Spanish checkers is still the perfect introductory variant for those who want to play a variation that does not wander away from the fundamental virtues of the game.

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