Instructions for Checkers: The Giveaway Variant

Many of the variations in rules found in the variants of checkers tweak the main concepts of the board game to bring about some form of modification to the way it is played. Even so, the majority of these rule variations still stay close enough to the fundamental concepts of the main game that the modifications that they put into effect end up only giving some flavor to the original game play mechanics.

There is one variant though that literally turns the very concept of checkers on its head. With the modifications that it brings into the game, the variant really forces the players to reformulate their strategies and approach to the game as the deviant rules within it bring about a variant that ends up only short of being a different game altogether.

The variant that is being described is the giveaway variant, also commonly referred to as the anti-checkers. With no pun intended, one can see that the name of the variant already 'gives away' the nature of its game play. Before settling down to discuss the stark differences of this variant with its mother game, it is best to discuss the factors that make the giveaway variant still a part of the checkers family of games.

As a variant of popular board game, giveaway checkers sill has the staple concepts that can be seen across all of checker's variations. Like all others, it is a two player game played on a board with two alternating colors. As in other variations, it is played with game pieces, called 'men', which are used by the players to achieve the goal of the game.

However, the goal of giveaway checkers is the very feature that separates it from the pack and the main divergence from which all of the variant's other differences with all of the other variations emanate from. Unlike all of other breed of checkers and perhaps most of the other board games, the objective in this odd variant is to be the first player to have their 'men' captured or blocked in such a way that they are unable to move. Because of this objective, it is also sometimes called as losing checkers apart from the other aforementioned monikers.

Because of this fundamental difference from the rest of all of the other forms of popular board game, one has to restructure one's tactics for the game from the ground up. Foremost of such change in approach to the game involves ensuring that one's pieces are always in the line of attack of that of the opponents so as to force the other side to capture as many of one's pieces as possible.

Another important alteration to one's strategy that has to be made concerns the promotion of one's pieces. Contrary to other variations where crowned pieces are desirable, the rules in the giveaway variant make crowned pieces banes rather than boons since their additional capabilities to move achieved from being promoted make them better at capturing other pieces which is never a good thing in this variant.

Giveaway checkers is a variant that has fundamental differences from of the other variations of the game. This fact may put off some players but such response is unnecessary as the modifications really do bring about a refreshing take on the board game though still not going out of the bounds that will boot it out of the game's family of variants. Thus one can say that it is a game that is at the same time different and the same with all of the other variations of checkers.

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