Instruction for Checkers: The Fundamentals

Compared with other board games, particularly chess, checkers is a relatively simple and straightforward game to play. Regardless of this, however, is the fact that it is still very much easy to play the board game badly especially if one is not fully acquainted with checker's fundamentals, which are essential for anyone who intends to be a successful player of the game and also for those who want to have experience more enjoyment out of the game.

Learning the fundamentals of checkers starts with the core features of the game. Although the game may vary from country to country, these fundamentals of checkers are more or less constant throughout all of the popular board game's variants and as such they are useful knowledge not only for those who want to learn the basics of checkers but also for those who want to play as many checker variants as possible.

Excluding those who may be living under a rock all their lives, everyone has at least an idea of a game called checkers. Regardless of the variant that any of us are familiar with, almost all of us will agree that it is a board game that is played with round game chips commonly referred to as checkers. It is also goes without saying that the game is a two-player one and all of the game chips are equally divided among the two players. Though the colors of the boards and the pieces sold in the market vary, it is customary to call the darker-colored side 'black' and the lighter side 'white'.

Another fundamental feature of the game that is invariable across all variations of checkers is the movement of the pieces. Unlike its distant cousin chess, the pieces in the checkers only move in one way - diagonally, and in one direction - forward, at a pace of one square at a time excluding instances when a piece is capturing - which is another issue by itself.

It is essential that one understands the fundamentals of capturing in the game as it is one, if not the most, vital part of checker's game play. The capturing rule in the game is quite unique from other board games such as chess as capturing in checkers is a compulsory one, meaning if a player in their turn is capable of capturing an opponent's piece then they are obligated to capture that piece. The player can choose though what piece to capture in instances when there is more than one piece that one can capture in one move. Some moves also force one to capture the opponent's pieces in succession, particularly in situations where there is empty squares between exposed pieces.

Capturing the other side's pieces is almost always done forwardly except when the piece that is capturing is a promoted one - a king. Such pieces are promoted by reaching the opposite end of the board and they can capture other pieces backwards.

These fundamentals are important as apart from being the prerequisite concepts that one has to know before one can play the game, the fundamentals of the game are also the foundations upon which one's deeper understanding and appreciation of the game will be based upon.

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