Instructions for Checkers: The Basic Rules

Though checkers may not have as much rules as other board games such as chess, it has still quite a number of conventions that players, especially the new ones, should take note of. Such rules and conventions are put in place to facilitate the smooth game play of checkers and a fair enjoyable atmosphere for its players which makes it essential for the players, especially the new ones who are still unaccustomed to the rules of checkers, to be aware of these tenets so as to ensure that their experience of the game will always be pleasant and hassle-free.

First of such rules concerns the issue of determining the color of the side that the players will play with. At the onset of a session, the determining process for such a decision is often done randomly, with the winner choosing the side that they are going to play with. In subsequent matches however, the players will have to alternate between playing black and white. Such a process is essential as the color that one will play will be the sole factor that will determine whether one will be the one to make the first move or not.

Time is also of the essence in checkers as can be gleaned from one of its rules. Players are allowed to make each of their moves only within a span of five minutes, with the forfeiture of their game being the penalty if they are unable to comply as such. It is important to note that in cases where a player has to capture a piece and it can be done only through one way, the time is limited further to a minute with the penalty being the same.

Touching the pieces while the game is in session is also a sensitive matter if one is to look into the established rules that are in place in the game. Arranging one's pieces is allowed as long as the player who wishes to do so asks permission first before doing so. Failing to ask permission will result in an automatic forfeiture of the game. Players are also obligated to touch only pieces which they only intend to move. Players who touch a piece in their turn are, in effect, forced to move that piece or face forfeiture. In cases where the touched piece is not playable, then the player will automatically forfeit their game.

False and improper moves are also frowned upon in the game and players must be careful of making them such mistakes will be penalized with consequences ranging from a few game pieces to a forfeiture of the game under the rules of checkers. Improper moves include capturing or removing one's own pieces, which are irreplaceable unless otherwise permitted by the other player for the particular pieces to be reinstated. Players that commit moves that are deemed improper other than this are penalized with a forfeiture of their game.

These basic rules may seem constricting and making the game less enjoyable especially for those who are still wet behind the ears as far as checkers is concerned but in the long run, it is certain that such players will realize that such rules and conventions make the game functioning the way it should be - fun and troublesome for everyone.

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