Instructions for Checkers: Setting Up the Board

Being a board game, it is of the utmost importance in checkers for one to learn the steps concerning how the game board is set up as not knowing the proper way of setting up the board would be a major impediment as far as the learning process of the game and playing it is concerned. It is for these reasons why one should stick first with familiarizing one's self with the checkers game board, its pieces, and the proper way of setting up all of them together.

There are many variants of checkers and this is why some of the features of the game board will vary from variant to variant. It is therefore practical to focus on the features that are constant all across these variations and also on the features that are most widely used. The most widely played variants of checkers use 64-square game boards. The squares in board are alternately colored and regardless of the variant that one is playing, it is conventional that the lighter color is labeled as 'white' and the darker one 'black'.

Before setting up the pieces onto the game board, it is important that the board is properly oriented. The way to ensure that the board is properly oriented relative to the players is by checking that the corner on the left side of the board closest to the player is colored black. This way, apart from being sure that the board is properly oriented, one will also be certain as far as positioning the pieces in their respective squares is concerned.

After setting up the game board with the correct orientation, it is then time to place the checker pieces in their proper position. Like the squares of the game boards, the pieces used in checkers are also customarily labeled as either black or white, with the darker-colored ones labeled as black and the lighter-colored ones white. Foremost of the things that players of the game should remember when setting up the pieces is that all of them are placed only on the dark squares. The black checker pieces are placed on the first dark squares of the board while the white pieces will be placed on the last twelve ones.

After setting up the checkers game board as such, it is then time to play. It is up to the players to decide which of them will be the black side or the white side, after which the player who decided to play black will have to make the first move for the match.

Setting up the board may be the one of the most mundane task for learned players of the game but it is actually one of the foundations upon which all of the other important things to know concerning the game will be based upon which makes learning it a must for newbie players of the game.

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